A friend and I recently scripted and produced a video which highlighted the failure of gun control in the UK. To briefly summarize the video (a link to which can be found here), we argue that the UK’s firearm homicide, overall homicide, and violent crime rates either held steady or increased after they put a handgun ban into law. The video is currently racking up a number of views and has naturally attracted some criticism. To address some of the most common “rebuttals” to our video, here they are presented by some of the world’s finest anti-gun scholars and addressed below.

  • “But the UK’s firearm and non-firearm homicide rate is MUCH lower than the US’”


We never denied that the UK has gun control and relatively low gun and overall homicides as compared to the US. The UK has always had a lower gun and overall homicide rate relative to the US, even before they implemented their strictest gun control. The UK hasn’t had much of a gun problem regardless of what their firearm policy was. As Thomas Sowell points out in Intellectuals and Society, in the early 1890s there were only 3 firearm homicides in the UK out of a population of nearly 30 million. He continues:

By contrast, in later years, especially after the Second World War, Britain began severely tightening up its gun control laws. As it did so, the murder rate rose. By 1963, the murder rate was nearly double what it had been at the beginning of the twentieth century. Nevertheless, the fact that the murder rate in England is lower than in the United States continues to be cited as proof that gun control laws reduce the murder rate.

So in other words, the UK has always had few gun homicides, but has had the least when its gun laws were the most lax, and the most when they were the most liberal.

  • But your stat on UK violent crime is wrong


In response to our statistics on violent crime in the UK, many linked us to this Politifact article which debunks the claim that the violent crime rate in the UK is 2,000 per 100,000 citizens. I’m unsure why this article is being sent to us because we never claim that the violent crime rate in the UK is 2,000 per 100,000 citizens. At 0:55 in the video, we cite an inflated figure of violent crime in the UK, then cross it out and show a figure revised downward as our narration points out that UK and US crime statistics aren’t apples and apples. Perhaps those who linked us to the Politifact piece zoned out for the wrong two seconds, but had they actually looked at the list of sources we included in the video description, they would see the Politifact article referenced there already.

  • Your time frame is manipulative


Here is a comment from a resident critic with a penchant for slaughtering logic. In our video we looked at the UK’s homicide rate six years before the firearm ban, and the same rate fourteen years afterward. We’re being accused of manipulating the data here, but if this individual had a functioning frontal lobe could’ve just cropped the chart himself and found that it looked like this:


Great work genius.

  • “But look at this article I read!”


It’s weird to see a post captioned “nice try,” as if we tried to fool anyone and were just exposed. And we know that isn’t the case because the article posted doesn’t say a single thing about gun control in the UK. Simply pointing out that an opinion exists contrary to my own doesn’t discredit my argument, which I’d rather base in fact than opinion regardless. Besides, if I have to discredit every pro-gun control article ever published to hold my views then the gun-control camp can abide by that standard as well.

Maybe they can start with my video.